Lies you were told as a child: a voxpop

Truth- GDJ (Pixabay)

Growing up, we were all told that telling lies or fibs was never the right thing to do. We believed, for years, everything that our parents told us and never questioned it.  Yet, as we passed through the stages of adolescence and into the threshold of adulthood, we realised the abundance of harmless lies we were told to keep us in check.

Whether it was to answer difficult questions, teach their kids valuable lessons or to make the parents/child’s lives easier, parents use common white lies over the course of their offspring’s childhood.

We recently visited Waterford to hear some of the lies they were told as a child.

music credit: Tell me lies- Fleetwood Mac


The internet has become a new outlet for parents who lie and adults who now realise the fibs they were told when they were younger.

Do you have any lies you were told when you were younger that aren’t on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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