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Lidl Aims to End Period Poverty.

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Period poverty is a huge problem for women around the world. Image Credit – SouthernSun Pixabay

Lidl has always been my favourite grocery store but now I have another reason to love it even more.

This week Lidl Ireland announced that they were the first major retailer in the world to offer free period products in stores nationwide to women and girls across the country affected by period poverty.

A study on young females in Ireland found that almost 50 percent of girls between the ages of 12- 19 found it difficult to pay for period products. Period poverty is described as the lack of access to sanitary products, menstrual hygiene education and facilities. This initiative is right on every level and will support so many women across the country that are impacted by period poverty.

Let’s be honest, that time of the month is hard enough as it is never mind trying to struggle through it without the proper sanitary towels and tampons. Any woman alive knows that these items are far from a luxury item, in fact on the contrary, they are an essential item for every girl or woman who menstruates.

By downloading the free Lidl Plus app, you will be able to sign up for a coupon which you will receive on a monthly basis and will entitle the customer to free sanitary towels and tampons.

Lidl will also be making quarterly donations of period products to The Simon Communities, this will ensure that people who are homeless and may not have access to a smartphone will have access to the sanitary products.

Lidl has been empowering the women of Ireland for some time now. They have been a sponsor of the Ladies Gaelic Football Association for some time and continue to empower women in sport. Lidl hopes to extend this initiative further and provide free period products to every GAA club across the country.

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