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Letting go may be difficult, but it just might be the best decision for both of you

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People frequently assume that communication is crucial in relationships, but what they do not know is that even when communication is present, the most important thing is understanding what your partner has communicated. 

Communication is said to be the pillar of all relationships, and when communication breaks down, the relationship breaks down as well. Which is why, in most relationships, couples therapy or counseling is recommended.

The truth is that no amount of therapy or counseling would be able to repair a couple’s fractured communication if they refuse to agree on a common ground. The relationship will never be the same now that the communication line has been broken. And one thing for sure is that every dispute you have with your partner in the foreseeable future, will always refer to old problems. 

It is impossible to alter someone’s opinion of you once they have formed one. Which will undoubtedly sway their opinion about you, and they will always hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see. That is why they say it takes one to communicate; it’s quite another to comprehend, embrace, or reason with what your partner says. 

You cannot repair what is already broken, or maybe you can, but any decision the couple makes is up to them. And if one feels they have exhausted all other options, letting go could be the next best choice. 

Breaking up with someone you care for or still love is not always easy because feelings and emotions are still there, however, it is nothing compared to staying in a toxic and non-communicative relationship.

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