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Let’s Talk Style

Fashion today is moving faster than the speed of light with different genres rising each day. These genres draw inspiration from different areas, whether nature, cosmic, gothic, or retro.

Now, every human being has their own unique and personal style, a style that every one recognizes you with and knows you for. There are various forms of styles but I’ll take you through a few major ones and let you figure out the category in which you fall under just incase you have a style crisis, be it fast fashion or high fashion, every individual can be categorized in the different types of style we will chat about in this series.

This kind of person doesn’t take fashion risks, he/she loves playing safe. No colour mixing, no pattern risks, no daring designs, just a regular tshirt and jeans, gowns for church, suits for work, 2-inches heel etc
Now, if you fall under this category, not too worry, you’re not an outcast, but you’re just missing a lot. You’ll see what I mean as we proceed

Second, there is the CLASSY STYLE PERSON. Now classy is a little bit of the ancient and a lot of modern day looks, it’s like new school with a dash of old school. Classy is sublime. It’s you knowing the right things to wear to the right events and places. Classy stylists and not too daring but step out knowing they look different and of course, who is a classy person without those compliments like OMG! I love your dress or your shirt or your hair. Lol. A classy person is a trendy person.

Third, there is the RETRO STYLE PERSON! Now, Retro is the new cool. It’s like 100% of old school with all the swag of the new school. Lool. Especially from the boys. Now here is a clue for them boys, be retro, be cool and the ladies will drool.

Also, there is the VERSATILE STYLE PERSON. Versatility is all you’ll need in this world of fashion. It entails not confining oneself to specific trend-rails. A versatile style person goes for anything and everything. You can’t tell him/her that something doesn’t suit well on them, they just won’t budge. They make discoveries in this fashion world because they are the trial stylist I.e. they discover trends. Oh my, love me some versatility.

Alright, and of course, there is the NEW SCHOOL STYLE PERSON. New school is too cool. It’s basically like the 21st century method of dressing. New school stylist enjoy playing with colors and patterns. And of course, love them some jewelries and accessories like Seiko kinetic womens watch.

And Lastly, there is the SOPHISTICATED STYLE PERSON. Sophisticated is fleeky.
Sophisticated is the blend of all the styles in bitty quantities. It’s like the grown up version of new school, with a dash of classy and retro and of course, love me some comfortable.

All it takes is you to discover your style and develop it.
Fashion evolves, you should too.

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