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Let’s Talk About Boyz!

Credit to Boyz! Podcast, designed by Aisling Tobin

Let’s Talk About Boyz!

The Official Podcast, “Boyz!”, written by Aisling Tobin and produced by Cian Tisdall in Dublin’s Paradise Studio, is said to be making its debut at the beginning of May. Aisling Tobin, who previously worked as a creative director for laser and skin clinic chain, Havana Skin Clinic and is now currently completing her masters in Griffith College Dublin wrote the series on the back of her dating addiction. 

A catalogue of dating experiences, a whole lot of hindsight, a voice for radio and some hard-hitting advice creating the perfect concoction for a podcast entirely based around “Boyz!”

The podcast is said to begin with tell-tale signs that you are being led on. Aisling, having gone through this herself more than once and witnessed close friends endure the same mistreatment has managed to pin point the exact tell-tale signs that someone who is leading you down the garden path will take. 

Following this, episode 2 takes a closer look at how a lot of the pain in dating stems from your ego and how to gain a new perspective and move on healthily.

Credit to AutumnsGoddess0 – Pixabay.

Spoiler Alert! Episode 1 – Let Down the Garden Path. 

So if you think you’re being led on or you’ve just been led on and the boy did the following set of things, you might want to listen because there are some anecdotal knowledge bombs coming your way that I THINK you’re going to love.
  1. He’s likes to text a lot
  2. He talks a lot about what you’re going to do when you meet up 
  3. He tries to make the conversation sexual a lot of the time
  4. He can be a bit full on at times and says things that are too extreme to match up to where you’re at in texting and how well you know each other
  5. He can go between barely texting you to texting you all of the time
  6. He’s been trying to meet you but there are genuine fool proof reasons getting in the way that you can’t argue with. 

Head over to @boyz.podcast on Instagram for updates on latest episodes and release dates. 

For Boyz podcast link tree, click here! Linktree provides a full list of download options to choose from.

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