Let’s cure that hangover

One too many of these and you're bedridden
One too many of these and you’re bedridden.

You went out last night and had a bit more to drink than you should have. You had a great time, but this morning you have woken up with the worst hangover ever. No worries, I reached out to Twitterville and Facebookland and got you the best tips on how to cure your hangover.

hungover-300x214“I am never, ever drinking again.” You swore that the last time, right? Yet, here you are again. You can’t remember anything from last night. You have bruises on your legs, and you have no idea where or when you got them. Your head is throbbing, you’re tired, and your stomach hurts. You can take some comfort in the fact that you are not the only one; according to How Stuff Works, more than 75 percent of us have experienced a hangover at least once. 15 percent of alcohol consumers have a hangover at least every month, and out of us college students, 25 percent actually feel symptoms of a hangover every week.

“Please, can someone give me tips on how to survive this awful Sunday morning” you ask? No problem, here is what cyberspace recommended to cure that hangover:

“Don’t drink,” says Mailiss Solheim. Ah, I wish someone had said that yesterday. Today, it won’t really help, the damage is already done.

“Get up, get dressed, and go for a walk,” says Marie Tøkje. “If that doesn’t work, turn on Sex and the City, stay on the couch and eat lots of unhealthy carbs.” That’s better. We can work with that.

“Bacon sandwich and tea,” says Killian Murphy. That sounds delicious, right? And it actually works. According to researchers at Newcastle University, a bacon sandwich is the perfect cure for a hangover. Elin Roberts of the University’s Centre for Life said in the Telegraph that “Bread is high in carbohydrates and bacon is full of protein, which breaks down into amino acids. Your body needs these amino acids, so eating them will make you feel good,” and that “bingeing on alcohol depletes neurotransmitters too, but bacon contains a high level of aminos which tops these up, giving you a clearer head.” Great!

“Have an English breakfast”, says Monika Nordland Yndestad, and Pia Stromme recommends chips and dip. That sounds delicious as well.

“Milk!” That’s Jenny Micko’s advice. Siv Berg wants you to drink water. “Before you go to bed and when you wake up.” According to Jerv W. Langer, who is a doctor and an expert on how to cure hangovers, fluids the day after is super important. Your body is drained of water, which causes the headache and thirst. Water or tea, preferably with sugar, he says, should help take care of that.

Finally, you can also try other fluids, like what caused the hangover in the first place (don’t drink as much as you did yesterday though, or this whole process will start again). Many believe that the cure for a hangover is more alcohol.

“Keep drinking,” says Orjan Moen Thune, while Ivar Borhaug Salbu recommends Underberg (a german digestif bitter which conveniently comes in portionsized bottles). Others also praise the classic, a Bloody Mary (which I conveniently put the recipe for under).



2 ice cubes

Doble shot of vodka

Half of a lemon, juice only

6 dashes of Worcestershire sauce

3 dashes of Tabasco sauce

150ml of tomato juice

A pinch of salt and black pepper

Put it all in a tall glass and adjust the seasoning to taste. Serve immediatly!


Some twitterers also directed me to this video:  the Scientific Hangover Cure


So, this is what cyberspace recommended. Hopefully some of this will help you get through this sunday. And next sunday. And the sunday after that… Good luck!

Do you have any other tips to cure a hangover? Has any of these tips helped you? Feel free to comment below.

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