Leggings: They’re NOT pants!

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I don’t know when this trend started but I wish it never had. Leggings are not a substitute for pants! Perhaps if you ask your beloved male friends you might get a different response, more along the lines of ‘aww yiii’…

Dat ass though
Dat ass though (Credit- http://knowyourmeme.com/)

But let’s just leave that to their fantasy land and move into the real world. And in the real world leggings are a no-go.

Black, floral, galaxy, Aztec and every other print and colour imaginable can be found on leggings. But there is one pair of leggings that is by far the worst; nude! (Seriously?!)

Nude leggings
My eyes! (Credit- www.pinterest.com)

Day after day I see girls of all ages wearing leggings with either a hoodie or just a top.

Leggings everywhere
Too right Buzz (Credit-http://www.quickmeme.com/)


I don’t know how they constitute this as a #ootd but it’s really not! Girls please for the love of God look in the mirror! I’m trying to look out for you here! Black leggings for one are see through, not a good look right there. And forget what you’ve heard, they don’t flatter any figure! Hello, seriously, the camel called…

Camel toe
You’d want to answer! (Credit-http://www.someecards.com/)

Since when did yoga pants leave the gym and hit the streets? It’s gotten to the stage now where work out attire is almost acceptable for nights out, what?! And don’t try the excuse of them being ‘like soooo comfortable’, so is being naked in your own house but you don’t see anyone heading out in their birthday suit!

The rise of feminism has brought with it the attitude of ‘yeah girl work those curves!’ along with #freethenipple. What happened to girl’s prudishness when this trend first appeared? Wearing leggings under dresses, skirts, long tops, point being your ass was covered. When did it start being okay to show your derriere at every moment possible?

The big butt phenomenon may have something to do with this. Iggy Azalea, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, all known for their junk in their trunk and all flaunt it on a daily basis. I guess girls are looking for some Anaconda attention (see what I did there ;)) of their own and are jumping on the band wagon.

Which brings me to the conclusion; leggings are encouraging a certain body type as a trend. We live in an image obsessed world. One month you’re not skinny enough, the next not curvy enough. Waist isn’t small enough. Too flat chested. Too big chested. Too short. Too tall. Butt’s not big enough. When will it end?! Trying to keep up with these body trends is insane!

My advice; work whatever the hell you have! *sunglasses emoji*

P.S. Keep the leggings for the gym!

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