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Leadership at its test

Taken by Adina Sarah Abraham

As the current climate between Russia and the rest of the world has begun to intensify one can´t help but ask “Why” and “To what extent”?

Video footages show the ruthless ambition of one person in power who has ordered military actions against his neighboring country Ukraine. As thousands of civilians flee to find refuge in neighboring countries such as Poland and Germany, there are those that have chosen to stay and defend their independent state.

Determent not to give up, president Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine, met his Goliath head on and struck his armed force. Much to the displeasure of Russian president Vladimir Putin, who, adamant to regain power over one of the former USSR states, announced on multiple occasions that the support and aid offered to Ukraine would be met with harsh consequences.

It was December 25th 1991, when Mikhail Gorbachev made the public announcement that he was resigning, marking the end of the forty-year reign of communism in eastern Europe.

This turning point in history, the end of the cold war, was welcomed by the world as the threat of a second nuclear disaster such as Hiroshima was prevented.

Now, over 30 years later, the world and its leaders, gazing to eastern Europe once more, are faced with the same conflict.

This war of aggression, the first since World War II, has since forced the leaders of the western world to reexamine their political dependence on Moskov.  As a result, the already present sanctions on Russia have been increased.

In a historic vote during the United Nations General assembly on March 2nd 2022,  141 nations have condemned the invasion of Ukraine and have called on Russia to stop its military actions.

While the EU and the USA responded with harsher sanctions on Russia, Putin, who has not shied away from humiliating and intimidating his own staff  demonstrate his power , has not changed his mind but has increased his attacks. According to the latest figures provided by the UN human rights office 249 deaths and 553 injuries were confirmed. And as the world continues to watch the war in Ukraine, president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has made it very clear that he will not bow down to Putin nor will he permit the theft of their Ukrainian state.

By Adina Sarah Abraham

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