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The Fashion industry witnessed a massive boom into the industry with the launch of ‘Ivy Park’ a collaboration with Beyonce and Adidas, which  includes Trainers, Shirts, Tracksuits and joggers. The launch saw a massive sales for the brand which was already sold out before the day of the release of the products,Before the take off of the products celebrities like Jennifer lopez ,Nicki Minaj, Missey Elliott, Zendaya and Rita Ora received the whole collection  which was personally signed and sent out to them by beyonce. Although there was a lot of criticism on social media on why she did not include the plus size in her collection which she faced a lot of backlash on the non inclusion which is supposed  to be gender neutral irrespective of body size.and also Beyonce had fought for size representation.

Sending out the collection to her celebrity friends also helped her influence  and promote the clothing line because of their  wide audience. And this collaboration is one of its kind because of her personality involved and her not releasing any more items from this collaboration which was a massive success because Adidas sales rose to a very high record because of this.

Ivy park is one the most sought out brand to have come in the year 2020.


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