Laughter’s in the Air


Last night in Dublin, love was not only in the air but laughter was too. Couples and single people sat together in the Laughter Lounge for Valentine’s Comedy Night to watch host Steve Cummins and his three stooges as they display their stand up skills to the audience. The results were successful as the order in which the three guests came up went from the worst to the best.


ACT I: The man from Navan: That isn’t to say that the first act, Tommy Nicolson was terrible. He provided humour with his Navan “charm” and pointed out the unique sense of humour Irish people have. His joke about Pierce Brosnan playing James Bond in a Navan accent added a new way to mock the franchise. However some of his material was often repetitive such as his overuse of particular curse words which should only be used in moderation and not out of desperation. Some audience members don’t mind the repetition of jokes but others would find it irritating.


ACT II: Time to face the humour:After a brief intermission and witty words from the host, Birmingham’s own Joe Lycett walked on stage. Like Nicolson, Lycett displayed his own obvious yet special humour from his region yet with a more mixed range. From the attitudes of upper class towards the rest of society to a second to none impersonation of the X-Factor voiceover man, he showed versatility in his work.  However, it was his e-mail argument with “Nick Clegg” that really brought the crowd to tears combining the accurate mixture of poetry and vulgarity that showed how to overcome hatred online.


ACT III: A Wise man once said: Like in the Bible, the Laughter Lounge saved the best wine for last night in the form of Jack Wise. Introduced as an act in high demand, audience members could see why. He used a mixture of magic and comedy to amaze audiences. While hypnotising the audience to see his head shrink and swallowing swords were spectacular, the real side splitter involved a male volunteer. The deep voice of that man changed on stage to one similar to Minnie Mouse. It made the audience nearly laugh themselves to an early grave. Even Wise himself couldn’t stop laughing. Scenarios like that are comedy gold and show that you know your craft which Wise seem to know well.


Valentine’s Comedy Night was a success as the audience kept laughing from start to finish. Anybody who got heckled that day didn’t seem to be too offended and their input helped the comedians know they did well. This reviewer even caught up with Lycett backstage who said that he’s going out to enjoy the Dublin nightlife. After helping make the room laugh all night, him and his companions deserve to celebrate with a pint or Mr Wise may prefer another sword to swallow.

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