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Latin America Solidarity: Ireland’s  Supporting Mining is hazards to our Future

Jennifer Emenike


BY: Jennifer Emenike

Ireland has a big connection with Cerrejón mine and this has indirect consequences on climate change actions.

The Irish government is called to promoting an alternative to mining because in 2025 the  Cerrejón license will become invalid.


Clodagh Daly, Climate Act 2015in an email correspondent, says that earth activist states “Ireland has obligations under national law (), EU law (2020 and 2030 EU emission reduction targets and renewable energy targets) and international commitments (the Paris agreement) to prevent the worst impacts of runaway climate change.

“The Electricity Supply Board, a company which is 95% state-owned, is responsible for importing over 90% of Ireland’s coal from the Cerrejón mine since 2011”.

“The government’s own Climate Change Advisory Council has stated that Ireland is “completely off course,” in terms of meeting both its 2020 and its 2030 emission reduction targets. This is supported by projections from Ireland’s Environmental Protection Agency”.

“The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Human Rights and the Environment has called the Government’s failure to take more effective measures to address climate change “a breach of Ireland’s human rights obligations”.

Latin America has a portion of the world’s dirtiest and most risky extractive enterprises, for example, mining, logging, and uber dams.

These extractive enterprises frequently sway the most on the country and indigenous networks, with extremely negative results on nearby occupations, network attachment, and the earth. Individuals who face these ground-breaking intrigues face oppression and


some of the time murder – Latin America is the riskiest area on the planet to be a natural as well as human rights protector.

Huge numbers of these extractive tasks are driven by worldwide organizations situated in the Global North, with a significant part of the material separated additionally bound for utilization by Global North populaces.


By: Jennifer Emenike

The majority of the coal from this mine is sent out, by far most to European nations, including Ireland -where the ESB buys this coal for vitality creation.

Ireland is additionally home to the mine’s worldwide deals organization. LASC is a piece of an alliance of associations bringing issues to light about this issue.

Anyway even Global North nations like Ireland are ending up progressively influenced by the worldwide hunger for assets, brought about by industrialism and unbridled corporate ravenousness.

Ireland has seen a risk of fracking – presently effectively prohibited – and there is currently a danger of gold mining in the Sperrins mountains in Co. Tyrone.

Be that as it may, the effects of extractive activities are distinctive between Global South and North, similar to individuals’ ability to oppose these tasks, just as the results individuals face for guarding their condition and employments. the negative outcomes of mining and vitality super tasks in the locale, for example, the Cerrejón mine.

Laura Burke, Director General of the Environmental Protection Agency, in a press release from the website, stated, “The EPA respects this vital organization and anticipates working with The Rediscovery Center. This association lines up with our desire to encourage around and greener economy in Ireland”.

“ Exhibiting what the roundabout economy looks like as far as, for instance, upgraded and reused design and furniture, is a vital piece of bringing issues to light among general society and through instruction”.

“This vital association will expand on the EPA’s and the Center’s demonstrated reputation in development, promotion and conduct change for asset use productivity and the roundabout economy.”

Likewise in the press release, remarking on the declaration, Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment Richard Bruton T.D. stated, “I am as of now building up and all of the government intend to make Ireland a pioneer in reacting to environmental change. We should venture up to our reaction and settle on choices now, which will see our indigenous habitat ensured and undoubtedly flourishing for who and what is to come.

“ The present declaration of €12.2million government financing, in research over the regions of the atmosphere, water, supportability and green endeavor will drive the disclosure of better, progressively inventive answers for dealing with our condition successfully.”

Laura Burke, Director General of the EPA, continuing, “Our condition impacts our wellbeing and prosperity – we know this and the science demonstrates it. “ We live better, more beneficial lives when our condition is esteemed and ensured. Accordingly, the EPA is satisfied to declare grants totaling €12.2 million to subsidize new ecological research ventures”.

“The yields from these tasks will give the establishment and proof base for trustworthy natural basic leadership into what’s to come. As the issue of environmental change turns out to be perpetually squeezing, there is a dire need to discover practical and low-carbon answers for ecological weights. “ To this end, the EPA works intimately with different offices to co-support extends and organize investigate in territories, for example, environmental change, water quality, farming, and vitality.”

Consequently, the press release according to Dr. Alice Wemaere, EPA Research Manager, “in our 2018 Call, analysts were welcome to react to explicit themes just as to propose their very own thoughts for pertinent and creative research.

“This brought about a higher number of propositions got for the current year. The most encouraging activities have now been given approval and granted financing”.

“ We particularly anticipate seeing the scientists’ discoveries and their answers for squeezing ecological issues through the span of the following two and three years and will guarantee that they are generally shared for execution.”

Dr. Wemaere aswell, clarifying that the EPA again upheld specialists in illustration down EU financing: “In 2018, the EPA bolstered Irish natural specialists in verifying over €2.6 million in EU Horizon 2020 financing. This financing is for ecological research in zones grasping atmosphere activity, condition, asset proficiency, and crude materials.”

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