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Daffodil Day 2017 volunteers in Monaghan town - photo credit Maeve Quinn
Daffodil Day 2017 volunteers in Monaghan town – photo credit Maeve Quinn

In a world where people are caught up with one activity or another and hardly have time for themselves and for other people, somewhere there are those that are in need of help .That is why volunteerism is seen as step in right direction to meet peoples needs.Volunteerism is never a coerced decision but a matter of choice and is done on the volunteers’ own free will.

Edwina Dewart the manager at Dublin City Volunteer Centre spoke with the circular and stated that “What volunteerism does is that it benefits the community, society and gives people a sense of connectedness and ownership of their local community.We connect people seeking to volunteer with non-profit organisations.“It is never about financial reward’’.

In any society there are certain individuals and groups of people who are treated unfairly and discriminated against. People are discriminated against for various reasons such as gender, marital or family status, disability, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, and sexual orientation amongst others. In that regard the Dublin City Volunteer Centre says they strive to eliminate all such forms of discrimination and to create a climate in which equal opportunities are promoted as a means of developing the full potential of everyone who is involved with their organisation.

A volunteer selling roses on Grafton Street

One of the many reasons that the Volunteer centre believe that volunteerism is necessary is that it is a demonstration of good attitude for the community .

This is said to be of benefit to any community and society .The organisation also believes that the person who is a volunteer has a sense of connectedness and ownership of their local community.

So far the number of volunteerism in Dublin is said to be good ,there is big interest as so far more than 3000 new members were signed in last year with about 800 from the previous years such as 2015 or 2016.So far about 109 different nationalities were represented in the Centre last year .The biggest age group is between 26 and 35 years,that would account for about 60 percent of the people who register to volunteer at the center.Why that is,is because in Dublin City there are a lot of international students who register to volunteer .There are small numbers in Volunteers between the ages of 50-64 and those above 65 years thats were there is less than 1 percent of people registering to volunteer.

Volunteer delivering a meal, Photo Credit Amy Claxton
Volunteer delivering a meal, Photo Credit Amy Claxton

Looking at the age group that has a large percentage of people who register in it, it is not surprising that most of them do register to volunteer to improve their skills. Some of the reasons that people decide to volunteer is that they want to improve their skills or education, the other reason is that they want to make a difference in their community or that they want to meet people.

Ms Edwina Dewart says the top reason across the country of why people want to volunteer is that they want to make this world a better place.”

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