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Kitten stolen from Cat Lounge Dublin

Fans of the Cat Lounge Dublin were in great shock after the Lounge posted disturbing news on Facebook Wednesday night: Lizzie the kitten was stolen from the Cat Lounge on Wednesday. Followers responded with tips on how to find Lizzie, but no one could give the final clue.

Lizzie, the stolen kitten

Finding Lizzie is extremely important, as she has to take medication and is too young to be separated from her mother. Of course, the Cat Lounge took all possible steps to track down Lizzy.

CCTV footage and tips painted the following picture of the incident:

On Wednesday, 11th of April, a couple visited the Lounge. Most of the appointments are made online and can be tracked back, but the Lounge also allows walk-ins on less busy days. That is why the couple didn’t have to provide any personal information. At 18:07, they walked by a close surveillance camera.

The couple walking past the CCTV

Description of the couple: 20-30 years old

Male: dyed blonde-ish short hair, over 6ft, no visible tattoos or scars, jeans,t-shirt, bomber jacket with large blue cotton over the shoulder bag closed by white zip, no logos, presumably Dublin accent

Female: slim build in leggings, trainers, shoulder length naturally dark hair with bad bleach job making the top layer appear yellow, suspected to be foreign however she did not speak to staff

While the woman went to the bathroom (possibly for distraction), the man stood in front of the crate and hid the small kitten under his big jacket. The couple left the Cat Lounge together and is believed to entered the enterprise train in Connelly train station at 7 pm. This means that the couple is likely to live somewhere along that line. There is no further trace of the couple at this point.

The well-being of the cats is essential for owner Georgina O’Neill, as she told us in a previous interview: “All you have to do is to look around and see how happy the cats are.” To ensure that Lizzie can return to the happy cats as soon as possible, the Cat Lounge has offered a reward for her safe return.

If you can identify the couple or have any helpful information on finding Lizzie, please contact the Cat Lounge. Fingers crossed that Lizzie will be home soon!

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