Kimmy Parris – Interview with young cartoonist

Kimmy with a fan at MCM Expo
Kimmy with a fan at MCM Expo (permission to use)

Kimmy Parris is only 23 years old and has already made a name for herself in the animation/cartoon world. The artist from Rochester, Kent in England has been drawing for as long as she can remember and is a great example that following your passion can be rewarding. Creative in all fields, I had the pleasure of interviewing her to learn a little bit more about the artist and her creations.

Kim art table - photo credit Kimmy Parris (permission to use)
Kimmy selling some of her Sonic the Hedgehog themed art at “Weston Super Sonic” Expo in January

When did you first start to draw and what inspired you?

I think it was about 2006 I started, in my last few years in secondary school. I would say it was a combination of my admiration of Sonic the Hedgehog and joining an art site (DeviantART); on which I would look at other artists work and it all really inspired me. I started off just drawing lots of Sonic characters and branched out from there!

Have you many of your own original characters?
I have a lot yes! Most of them are grouped together in separate stories and comic ideas, but I have a lot of inventions that are yet to have a purpose!

What upcoming projects are you working on?
I’m currently working on releasing a short comic series called ‘A Pet Shop Life’ – which is based on my time I spent working in a Petshop last year and all the crazy events that took place there.

How many conventions have you attended and worked at?
I only started attending conventions in May 2014, I would say I’ve been to about 8!

You also like to cosplay, who have you cosplayed in the past?
I’ve cosplayed quite a lot, so far I’ve done: The Medic and Demoman (Team Fortress 2), Team Aqua Leader Archie (Pokemon), Navi (Zelda), Batrider (Dota 2), Ada Wong (Resident Evil 4), Rouge the bat (Sonic), Mordecai (Regularshow), Brewster (Animal Crossing).

Kimmy dressed as Archie from Pokemon Alpha Sapphire - photo credit Kimmy Parris
Kimmy dressed as Archie from Pokemon Alpha Sapphire – photo credit Kimmy Parris

Which cosplay did you enjoy potraying the most?
My favourite was probably The Demoman, he was fun to stay in character for as he was a drunk Scotsman, so it was an excuse to carry around a bottle of my favourite – cider!

What other interests have you got outside of drawing?
Well, I’m a huge gamer – platformer and first person shooters are my favourite! Collecting is also a huge hobby of mine, I collect Pokemon cards and other game related merchandise.

Do you currently take commissions?
I don’t at the moment, because I have lots to finish off from my last convention, but usually they would be open!

Kimmy with a fan at MCM Expo
Kimmy with a fan at MCM Expo

You can check out Kimmy’s DeviantART page here and her Facebook art page here. She shall have a table of art and shall be cosplaying this year at the London MCM Expo/MCM Comic Con.

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  1. hi i am am a sixth grad girl and i am interested in cartooning in my class we are doing an i-search and i have a few questions for you.

    1.when did you start cartooning old were you when you started
    3.what has bin your motivation
    thank you,

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