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Keyboard Shortcuts Every Windows User Should Know

Microsoft Windows CPU Logo Credit: skynetsystems Source: Flickr

Microsoft Windows was first released to the world in 1985 and now over 30 years and nine versions later, it is by far and away the most popular desktop operating system in the world. The latest and ninth version of the operating system; Windows 10, was released in 2015 and is currently the most popular version of the OS worldwide with over 50% market share. Windows users who would like to access a remote server may use the guides found on

Despite its prevalence, it’s fair to say that a good chunk of users do not make use of the full range of shortcuts at their disposal in Windows. While they may not make a huge difference, these keyboard shortcuts will lend you greater efficiency at your work and in time will become second nature. You can also use this free screen recorder windows 10 if you are a vlogger.

Here are a few useful ones you can use:

  • Windows + E

This simple command allows a user to open ‘My Computer’.

  • Windows + D

This command allows a given user to quickly minimize any window or application they might have open at the time. Windows + M works equally as good to achieve this effect.

  • Control (Ctrl) + Shift + T

This command is used to reopen a tab that you might’ve closed by accident or even on purpose. The command reopens the last tab you closed. This negates the hassle of having to revisit your browser history and then re-opening a closed tab/page.

  • Control (Ctrl) + F5

This command is utilised to refresh a webpage. No need to hit that refresh button with your mouse anymore!

  • Control (Ctrl) + W

This useful command can be used to close any open tab. It’s quick, easy and convenient.

  • Control (Ctrl) + Shift + Tab

This trick allows one to shift between multiple open tabs in a browser without having to scroll and click with a mouse.

  • Control (Ctrl) + T

This slick move allows you to open a new tab on your browser. You need never click on the ‘+’ in your browser ever again!

  • Windows + Tab

This command allows a given user to scroll between all the open windows and applications on the desktop. It displays them in a compressed manner. You can subsequently scroll through the open applications using your arrow keys and hit enter to enlarge the preferred window.

  • Windows + ,

This neat command allows one to take a quick peek at their desktop without having to minimize the current open window. When entered, it displays the desktop and when the keys are released, it returns to the current window.

  • Alt + D

This move allows one to highlight the URL of a tab in the browser. You can subsequently click on Ctrl+C to copy the link. This process might be faster than going about it the usual way with your mouse.


  • Windows + .

This fun command summons an emoji pad on whichever page, application or window you might be in; because sometime words just don’t paint the whole picture.

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