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Keep It Gangsta Radio Show: DJ Berker Ikizov

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Berker Ikizov is one of the DJ of Phever FM which is an underground dance music station in Ireland. Every Thursday he plays between 8 am to 10 am as an international guest DJ at Phever FM.

The Phever FM reaches over 180 countries daily and their mission is developing and educating new artistic talent and establish a standard of excellence that is recognized globally through their broadcast media, publishing and performance. The Phever brand represents over 75 Irish DJs and producers. Also, the Phever brand launched their new academy that includes music production, DJing, DJing and music production, graphic design and web development.

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“The sound of the Irish underground 24/7- Are U Turned On Yet?! #phever #pvr916fm”

Berker Ikizov has eight years working experience in Turkey, Germany also played in some college parties in Ireland. He claims that it is a long learning process and a non-stop job. Enthusiasm is the main motivation for him. Every week his audience numbers increase and he sees as an opportunity to work with Phever FM in Dublin. He was looking for a platform to perform before he became a part of it. Now he can reach his audiences and introduce himself to Ireland.

Chinese Whorehouse is one of the Berker Ikizov’s instrumentals.

If you like to listen underground electronic music, check the Phever FM out and let me know what you think.

Broadcasting via: @Tuneln @iTunesRadio @AppleTV @ChewTV @Livestream @Roku @Android @IceCast @ShoutCast

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