Kebab ban in Europe now a possibility

A ban on kebabs in Europe may occur soon. Students all across Europe are shaking at the mere thought of their favorite hangover food disappearing. But seriously, this is actually a thing.

The kebab. We all know it, and we all – almost – love it. This Turkish sandwich has been a strong European concurrent with big fast food companies from the US. A big favorite of many students and street food lovers across the world, it has become part of common culture.
But not everything is good in the world of fast food (well, obviously but whatever) the kebab may soon be banned from European plates, as several European outlets already reported.

The reason why? A recent report from the European Parliament. This report from the 28th of November mentions a special decision from the health commission. The commission indeed decided to deny the approval of a proposition to allow the use of certain chemical elements in frozen meats. Diphosphates, triphosphates and… Phosphoric acid.

Yikes. You wouldn’t want to have that on your plate now, would you? (Okay, let’s be fair, not all of us know what these are. This should help you figure it out.)

A tweet by Benoît Hamon about kebab.
Even Politicians have succumbed to the kebab’s terrifying attraction.

In short, these are used to add flavor to processed foods and to help preserve them. But European deputies are – rightly so – worried about the consequences of these additives. They’re very likely to be threatening to health in the long run. As if the fat contained in a kebab wasn’t enough… 

And kebab meat does contain these additives. This is the reason why kebab as a whole might be banned in Europe soon unless their qualities are drastically changed. Which is likely to happen if suppliers were forced to.

But this is not yet the case, as the regulation remains very unclear for the moment. The technical aspects of the law make it hard to define what is acceptable or not, but kebab is clearly targeted by this regulation. The fact that a recent American study proves that phosphates in food may increase the risk of a cardiovascular problem is an important factor in the commission’s decision.
The ban on kebab meat in Europe is now a possibility.


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