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K-Drama to watch on Netflix in your down time

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Korean Dramas, affectionately known as K-Dramas are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. With streaming sites like Netflix adding more Korean Dramas to their roster, you can now enjoy this shows from the comfort of your bed. If you are new to watching Korean dramas here are some dramas that are definitely worth watching.


Memories of Alhambra

If you like action-packed romantic this drama is for you. The baseline of the story is about a company trying to set up an Augmented-Reality game that can be played through contact lenses. The graphics of the series are very exciting and the series as a whole pulls you in. The movie is set is in Granada and Korea but the actual filming took place in Budapest, Hungary, and Slovenia.

The series is beautifully shot and it stars the very popular actor Hyun Bin as the lead character and the supporting character Park Shin Hye. The romance is not in your face, it flows seamlessly into the story. The series consists of 16 episodes which isn’t too much to watch so you can be sure to finish the series as soon as you started. The series packs a lot of star power including Chanyeol who is a member of popular boy group Exo.


Love Alarm

Love Alarm is based around a fictional app, this fictional app rings when you are around someone who loves you. The concept around the app is really interesting and a lot of people would love to have that in real like. The story revolves around high school students who are navigating the world of dating for the first time with this app.

Love Alarm shows what it is kind of like to date in a time of dating apps as a younger generation. Love Alarm has 8 episodes so you can binge-watch this series within a day. The short series is based on a webtoon by popular Graphic Novelist Kye-young Chon.

Something in the Rain

This show is also known as The Pretty sister who buys me food. This is a romantic comedy revolves around the relationship between two lovers in two families. First off, this drama is remarkably charming. This feeling that radiates from the drama is achieved in a couple of ways The first few episodes are a little slow but that adds more charm to the series overall.

It showcase pauses that movies usually don’t put in, the pauses feel more interesting and give you time to process what is happening. These silences add a great amount of interest to the drama because suddenly it has to drive itself in a new way, it can’t just have snappy editing, its got to have a genuinely interesting set of characters and a decent plot. The chemistry between the lead characters is undeniable and it makes this drama interesting. It has 16 episodes and the musical score of the show is well done.


W: Two Worlds Apart

This action-packed shows off two different worlds, the world of a webtoon and the real world. The gap between the two worlds is closed as Seong-moo’s daughter and resident cardiothoracic surgeon Oh Yeon-Joo (Han Hyo-Joo) gets dragged into the webtoon world, inciting a series of twisted events.

The webtoon world of W is an approximate replica of the real world South Korea and its capital Seoul. It has 16 episodes. It is a romantic thriller with a lot of twists and turns that make for a very interesting watch.


Pinocchio gets its name from the popular children’s story about the boy whose nose grows when he lies. Pinocchio is supposed a condition that prevents the person with it from telling lies. Imagine a world where a person can’t tell a lie. It has 20 episodes and has a lot of romance intertwined into the story.

After his life is destroyed by the media, a young boy tries to conceal his past until the girl he loves discovers the truth about his family. The plot of the series is well executed and plot twist in a way that will have at the edge of your sit.




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