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Jup do Bairro and “Corpo Sem Juízo”

Jup do Bairro (Photo: Jup do Bairro, Felipa Damasco and Cai Ramalho)

Jup do Bairro, released “Corpo Sem Juízo”, her first career EP in the first half of 2020. By far one of the most anticipated records on the Brazilian scene, the project is the result of thirteen years of experiences and discoveries lived by the singer who, since 2015, has built a loyal community of fans together with the artist Linn da Quebrada, with whom she shared the tour stages and the TV screen.

With five unreleased tracks and production by Badsista, the material is a sample of Jup’s genius as a performer and songwriter. Not only is it brilliant, but there are special friends participations: there are featurings with Deize Tigrona, with Linn da Quebrada and Rico Dalasam, besides Mulambo, a rapper from São Paulo. A bet for the Brazilian Rap scene.

“The album is like a great journey. It’s like you’re in a videogame and each track is a different screen” says Jup for Papel Pop interview

Jup do Bairro, Rico Dalasam & Linn da Quebrada – ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. Videoclip

I had the pleasure to meet Jup do Bairro personally and see her a few times. One of the most special moments was the “Baile da Princess”, with two editions one in 2017 and another in 2018. Jup organized her birthday party in São Paulo with free admission, where several underground artists, up and coming artists,  the scene gathered to perform and celebrate her birthday. This event was built by the black, trans and peripheral community.

Of the songs on the album the one that moves me the most is “Luta por mim” (Fight for me), featuring Mulambo. The 6:12 minute track goes against the rules of what is said commercial. With strong lyrics about the experience of being a black person in Brazil. It is without a doubt a historical song.

Mulambo sings:

“You lamented and wrote about police repression

Your hashtag was the end point!

It said Black Lives Matter, for you it was differential

It’s just that it’s all the same shit over and over again

You kill me for meat to make me for stone

Moved by the lust for tragedy

Now dead I’ve got more voice than alive, sounds like a comedy! …”

Jup do Bairro feat. Mulambo – LUTA POR MIM. Videoclip

Besides the song being very well produced, beautiful and with strong lyrics. Jup and Mulambo expose the white hypocrisy of Brazil and how racism operates. And at the end they give the message: I am not going to die!

A war cry for all dissident bodies. For the marginalized Brazilian people. LGBTQIA+, black and indigenous.

Jup do Bairro (Photo: Jup do Bairro, Felipa Damasco and Cai Ramalho)

This EP is very essential and marks history when it was released, in the middle of the pandemic and Brazil was facing a fascist government. October of 2022 we have defeated this ex-president during the elections fortunately. And now I am already looking forward to her new work. Can’t wait for it!

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  1. I had never heard of her before reading your article, she is great! Thank you for the tip!

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