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Josh Edgoose : a photographer you should know

Photo from Pexels from Airam Dato-on

Who is Josh Edgoose ?

Josh Edgoose is an English freelance photographer based in London also known as Spicy Meatball.

He has developed his skills over the past decade and enjoys sharing his interests and passion. He is an artist who has appeared in numerous articles for The Guardian and It’s Nice That for example. The most recent article is “The Bird Was Complete Luck” which features her best photographs taken with a phone written for The Guardian in April 2022. Josh’s work has been selected for a number of exhibitions in the UK and abroad. He is also the founder of “framesline”, a photo documentation magazine and has his personal website.

What his style like ?

Josh’s work is instantly recognizable by his palette of warm colors of everyday life in London, offering a slightly different vision of documentary and street photography.

With a great interest in color, coincidence and chance, he focuses on the interactions between people, refining the sense of humor and British spirit by seeking visual interest in ordinary moments.

What he likes is going for a walk with his camera and taking street photos, landscapes and portraits unexpectedly. He brings us his ultra-sharp shots of the world with an underlying quality.

The amazing thing about her photos is that the contrasts are soft but the colors are bright. He carries a look always tinged with humor, which has the art of capturing crazy street scenes, funny chances, and splendid games of colors in perfect compositions. His universe is joyful and colorful in the image of his native country and more particularly of London.

Josh Edgoose is an artist who can speak to all generations. He has a style in its own right and assertive, which can be seen in the photos you can find in his website. He is brilliant and is much more versatile than a photographer alone, whether it is creating tutorial videos, a magazine, a monograph, interviews for newspapers,… He is a contemporary artist who could be called timeless. In addition to that he looks really nice, he deserves all the success he has and I think he is in good coordination with our time when we see his mastery of IPhones for example.

Here is an interview of Josh Edgoose that you may find interesting 😉

To sum up, Josh Edgoose is a photographer who captures the beauty and happiness of the world around us, while including the technological advances these days by using the IPhones for some of these photos.

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