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Share Your Writing: Join the “Your Turn to Write” Community

Image by Jess Bailey from Pixabay

According to the Romantics, the best form of writing is spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings. When one feels an emotion and gets the urge to write upon it, that is when the best work of writing is created. This can be in the style of poetry or prose.

Many of us scrabble things down on a daily basis depending on the events we face and how we manage to go through them. For some of us it is therapeutic and for others it is to ensure to keep a specific memory or emotion saved on paper. Sometimes these words we write down makes us feel better. Even more, sometimes it makes other people feel better. 

I think it is important to give a voice to those who have kept their writing a secret only for them to see and benefit from. I think it is important to create a platform where one person’s words can influence other writers and other readers.

This is why I am inviting you to join @yourturntowrite community. This is a relaxing platform where you can DM us and allow us to share your poetry, prose or even little sentences you wrote down at a time of crisis. YOU are the writer here and YOU have the opportunity to inspire others. We promote and support amateur writers. You send us a photo of your writing in your point of view of what is “aesthetic” and we post it.

You can always send more than one piece of writing. We do not limit or put any margins on your writings. The only requirement is that YOU have to be the writer, the star! 

I know how anxious it can be to see your writings published but you will never know how good it feels until you try it.

Can’t wait to see your work on our page! 

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