Johrei and the art of healing hands

Johrei: the cure by the hands (Photo credits: Flickr / Anna)
Johrei: the cure by the hands (Photo credits: Flickr / Anna)

There are thousands of alternative treatments for many diseases in society nowadays. The ones that are getting attention among medical circles are the so called “healing hands”. The treatments are different and vary from beliefs and values. One of the most famous is the Johrei.

Johrei: the cure by the hands (Photo credits: Flickr / Anna)
Johrei: the cure by the hands (Photo credits: Flickr / Anna)

The religious leader Mokiti Okada created the Japanese form of healing in 1935. The practitioners believes that the use of “divine light” can cure someone from spiritual issues and impurities that causes many sicknesses. There are many personal experiences lived by the believers, since the cure of a simple headache to a bad back problem and other serious diseases.

Johrei is the base of the Church of World Messianity. According to the history, Mr. Okada received a divine revelation in 1926 and got the power of channel the God’s Healing Light to remove illness, poverty, fights, darkness and bad things from the world, creating a terrestrial heaven, inaugurating then the Messianic Age.

The treatment itself works in a very basic, but grateful way. The donator of the divine light seats in front of the receiver. Channeling the hands to the chest area of the other one, he or she start to spread the light through its hands. The procedure repeats two times in the front part of the body and one time in the back part, with the hand channeling to the middle of the spine. This because the front part of the body symbolizes the material world and the back, the spiritual.

The purification of the body can happen in many ways. Some people start to cry, some reports also shows cases of mysterious and fast cured colds, flus and diarrhea, for example. However, the results are always successful when the receiver also believes and have faith on the treatment.

It is important to remember that is not everyone that can practice the Johrei. Since the basis of this form of healing is base religious and spiritual purity, there are some strict rules to the practitioners. Only the ones that already received an object called Ohikari can channel the divine light to cure someone. It is extremely forbidden to charge anything to practice Johrei to someone, since it is a kind of love demonstration to the other.

If interested, there is a Johrei Center located in Gardiner Street Middle, Dublin 1, Dublin. The meetings are every Wednesday, from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. with free Johrei practice.

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