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Jack Rua on his Catchy Debut Single ‘Scarlet A’

The Circular caught up with Jack Rua ahead of the March 15th release of his debut single ‘Scarlet A’

‘Scarlet A’ is a modern take on 80’s pop with its pulsating drum and bass opening leading perfectly into a mysterious yet charming verse.

The chorus is effortlessly catchy and its evocative lyrics will no doubt be stuck in your head all day.

The compelling synth lines add to the 80’s vibe of the track yet this is perfectly balanced with Jack’s soulful ad-libs and backing vocal lines.

With this debut track, Jack sets out to fill a gap in the Irish music scene for a queer pop-dance act that embraces theatricality similar to Australian pop star Troye Sivan.

Jack Rua on his Catchy Debut Single 'Scarlet A'

Jack Rua talks inspiration, reinvention and upcoming releases.

What inspired you to write the song?

At the time that I wrote it I was thinking a lot about the nature of human attraction. From an early age we’re told that you have to find that one person to fall in love with and devote your life to. We’re also sold the idea of true love: when you find someone who you love you’re not supposed to have eyes for anyone else. I wanted to question this narrative a little bit. I’m not necessarily quashing it, I just don’t think it’s as straightforward as that. I sometimes believe that we are not truly meant to be monogamous, it’s a sacrifice that we make because mutually shared love between two people can be so special and wholesome. But if we choose to devote our lives to someone else then we should also accept that that doesn’t mean that we won’t sometimes think about someone else… I’ve experienced it before and it made me feel such shame to even think that way, but this song is my way of getting over that shame, and wearing it on my sleeve.

Why did you decide to reinvent yourself?

I wouldn’t say that I necessarily set out to reinvent myself, I I think that I evolved and the reinvention happened naturally! I’ve experienced a lot of new things over the last two or three years, and as a result I’ve changed a lot as a person. The songs I was writing really reflect the way I’ve changed and the way I’ve become more confident in my ability, in my sexuality and in myself. I also believe that artists can reinvent themselves and be reborn as many times as they want. I kind of felt that I couldn’t continue writing and performing as Jackal because I didn’t feel as connected to it as I once did. I felt like to truly express myself in this new age in my life, I needed to completely overhaul my image, my sound, even my name! That’s how Jack Rua was born.

You’re working on your debut EP at the moment, what can we expect from it?

I’ve been recording a lot over the last year with my good friend Chris (who goes by Porridge), and I’ve also been recording with a few other producers and songwriters. What I have so far I’m really happy with. You can expect to hear some really great dance music, with lyrics that also reflect the singer-songwriter spirit in me. There’s a lot of different things going on and I’m really excited for people to hear it… At the moment I’m not necessarily sure if they will come out in the form of an EP or album any time soon, but you’ll definitely be hearing another new track or two by May at the latest.

Do you have any upcoming shows or performances we should know about?

I have a few shows lined up but they’re not confirmed. At the moment we’re working on making a live electronic show that can properly deliver the energy behind the music, so keep your eyes peeled for dates on my socials and on my website!

Scarlet A will be released this coming Friday March 15th.

Featured Images by Pure Grand

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