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It’s not all bad! A good news review of a crummy year.

Happy lockdown anniversary! Wow… That is something I never thought I would say.  The 12th of March marked the one year anniversary of the first Covid 19 restriction announcement. What was meant to be a 2 week containment period quickly turned into a pretty crappy year, we were separated from our family and friends, the little things that make us human. However, it wasn’t all bad! Some pretty amazing stuff happened this year and that’s what I’m here to show you! So sit back relax and let this good news list put a smile on that beautiful face!

Arts Council of Ireland given €130mil from Government for 2021

Image by dlonrax from Pixabay

The Arts and Events have been two of the worst hit sectors during the pandemic but for a lot of us music and art have been some of the things that kept us sane this year! For such a small island, we have an abundance of amazing musicians, artists, writers and creators so it is great to see the government investing in this crucial part of our society!

The Northern Lights in Ireland

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

In the last number of years, the aurora borealis has become increasingly more visible in Ireland with 2020 being the best year yet! Don’t believe me? Check out #northernlightsireland online and to make your next staycation really memorable check out this site.  Find out when and where to see the Aurora Borealis in 2021!

Ireland’s First Wildlife Hospital

Image by diapicard from Pixabay

The Covid pandemic has a lot of us returning to nature. We spend our spare time strolling through forests or hiking up mountains! Due to this, we are becoming more aware of the plants and animals around us. This has resulted in and increase in calls to wildlife helplines and the awareness paid off. As of February 2021, Ireland has it’s first wildlife hospital. Originally a pub which had to close due to the pandemic, the McCarthy family of Navan decided to donate their space to this noble cause. I do love a happy ending! Learn about Irish wildlife and what you can do to help here.

Irish-Nigerian Teens Create Award Winning App “Memory Haven” for Dementia Patients

By Silvia Rita at pixabay

An Irish team won first prize at the 2020 Technovation World Summit! Under the guidance of Evelyn Nomayo, Margaret Akano (17), Rachel Akano (16) and Joy Njekwe (17) created “Memory Haven”, an app to help those in Ireland who are suffering from dementia and their families. The team were also nominated for the Women of Europe Awards 2020! What an inspiration!

Second Person In the World Cured of HIV

by Darko Stojanovic on pixabay

The HIV virus has been a worldwide epidemic that has spanned over decades. In 2018, it killed over 770,00 people. However, constant research has resulted in a second person being cured of HIV. In March 2020, Andrea Castillejo became free of the HIV virus, but not with medication. Castillejo underwent a stem cell transplant in which his immune cells were replaced with donor cells immune to the virus! What amazing science, we can’t wait to see what’s to come!

Irish Celebrities Made Things Better in Their Own Special Way

We had so many great gigs, shows, games and songs from the artists of Ireland this year. From The Irish women in Harmony’s “Dreams” cover to Dave Moore’s Instagram world cup qualifiers! But some of the best moments were when they were just being themselves. Like when Jedward slid into your DMs or when Daniel O’Donnell couldn’t work his first live stream!

What a Year for Irish Telly!

Image by Alehandra13 from Pixabay

The Den is back and there’s a Reeling in the Years 2010 – 2019 starting in April… Need I say more? Grab the tayto and meet me on the couch!

Let us know what some of your good news in the comments below!

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  1. oh this is the information i did not know i will need, amazing thanks Heather, this is an example of where there is bad the good still finds its way around.

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