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Its Castle Time

Photo by Sylvia Oka

Did you know about one of Irelands most Important Heritage sites…

If you are an explorer and you are looking for an interesting historical site to visit, the Trim Castle is one place to see. Living in the country side can be a bit different from living in the city side of the country but nevertheless, we are here for all its beauties. One of the places to visit if you have been living in Ireland and need to see architecture at its oldest is the Trim cast and the Newtown Abbey Monuments.

Credit: Sylvia Oka (Trim Castle and the Newtown Abbey, Co.Meath)

A little history, Trim castle was constructed by the powerful Norman Lord Hugh de lacy in the 1170s, that’s a long time. It stands at the most important crossing point on the River-Boyne, which gives the town its name, Ath Truim or the Ford of the Elder Trees. Fun fact, it also featured in MelGibsons film, Brave Heart. Today it is one of the best place to get a really good sense of the architecture of a medieval fortress.

Visiting Trim castle in the pandemic might limit you to the mysteries that can be found inside the castle. people sometimes say that the Trim castle is haunted because there are alot of secret passages in it as well as rooms that have been said to be haunted. Read more about the haunting story of the Trim castle Haunted History – Haunting History of; Trim Castle Trim,… | Facebook.

Take a drive and take time to do a walk in Newtown Trim, also Newtown Abbey to see several medieval ruins.

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