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It’s Biden versus Trump again in the 2024 Whitehouse race

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Recent polls conducted by Morning Consult reveal that in the United States presidential race, President Joe Biden leads his opponent, former President Donald Trump, by a slight margin of one percent. The survey was carried out among a sample of 9,791 people, and Biden recorded an approval rating of 44 percent, while Trump’s approval rating stood at 43 percent.

The polls also show that a significant number of Americans hold an unfavorable opinion of their current president. Of those interviewed, 54.8 percent expressed their disapproval, while only 40.3 percent had a favorable view. This represents a difference of +14.5 percent compared to the +7.4 percent recorded on the same day last year. Specifically, 52.9 percent of those surveyed expressed their disapproval of Donald Trump, while only 42.1 percent had a favorable opinion. This represents a record gap of +10.8 percent between the two, compared to the +14.7 percent recorded at the same time last year.

According to recent polls, the Democrats lead the Republicans with 44.8 percent of support in the upcoming general election, while the Republicans follow closely behind with 44.3 percent. This represents a narrow margin of +0.5 percent in favor of the Democrats. The polls recorded the same margin last year at this time but changed over the course of 2023.

The polls also reveal the approval ratings of the United States Congress based on 1,470 respondents. Shockingly, 69.4 percent of the respondents clearly disapprove of Congress, while only 18.5 percent approve, representing a difference of +50.9 percent. The polls also show that Congress is losing credibility over time, as compared to twelve months ago when the disapproval and approval ratings were 55.6 and 27.0 percent, respectively, representing a difference of +28.6 percent.

YouGov and The Economist sponsored a poll that also included the Supreme Court of the United States. The survey showed a disapproval rate of 56 percent against an approval rate of 37 percent from the 1,470 respondents who took part. This translates to a disapproval rate of +19 percent. This shows a worsening approval rating for the Supreme Court. A similar poll done between 18th and 28th March this year by Marquette University Law School in the U.S which 1000 respondents took part showed a better disapproval rating of +4 percent with those disapproving standing at 53 percent while those in approval stood at 47 percent.

Finally, the United States of America citizens are expected to go to the polls on November 2nd, 2024, to elect their next president. Whether Biden will be able to defend the seat or Trump will make a comeback is yet to be seen.

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