Italy: the first week of phase two had begun

On Monday the 4th of May the second phase had begun in my hometown Milan and in the whole country  4 and a haf million workers returned to work and some activities were allowed to restart.

The first allowed to reopen are bars and restaurant but only for the delivery. We are also allowed to go out alone or with another person that has to be a partner or a relative. The worst part is that we don’t know if the situation will get better of if thes new measures will lead us back to the pahse one. The mayor of the city Beppe Sala said that if the infections will reach again 5 hundreds the city will go back to lockdown.

The national quarantine started on the 9th of March and Italy was the first to go into lockdown. At the beginning of May more than 29,000 people were known to have lost their lives because of Covid-19. The actual figures are likely to be higher. Milan’s region, Lombardy, Italy’s economic powerhouse — has registered half of the country’s deaths.

In the following podcast you can find more details about the evolving of the situation in Italy and about the first week of phase 2.

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