Italy: a street party to celebrate the beginning of phase 2

Milan phase 2 party (Credits: video Facebook)

A group of young people organized a party in the street to celebrate the beginning of phase two in Milan.

On the 4th of May, the first day of phase two, they went in a street of the city centre and on the notes of Sweet Dreams they danced for a few minutes, then interrupted by passers-by and police officers.

In Milan, after two months of full quarantine, phase two was inaugurated and now citizens are allowed to leave the house alone, not in groups, visit relatives and partners but not friends. Some work activities have reopened, but those who can continue with smart working will have to wait for phase three to reopen.

The biggest problem is that there is a great risk that the infections will increase during phase 2 and the country will be forced to go back to phase 1, closing everything again and starting again with quarantine. This is what is also read in the comments of the concernedcitizens who made this video viral, attacking with rage those who do not respect the rules of the delicate phase 2.

But there are also those who try to understand the desire to go out and celebrate the youngest, for weeks forced into the house and without social relationship: “They do nothing wrong, I understand them” writes someone on Facebook.

The mayor of Milan Beppe Sala announced that he had sent police officers to the place indicted, and that he had identified one of the protagonists of the social dance

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