Is this the end of Jake and Amir? Collegehumor Web Series wrapped up for TV

Collegehumor picture by Alex Kehr (flickr)
Collegehumor picture by Alex Kehr (flickr)

Oh sheesh y’all twas a dream. For seven years they were the marquee players of Collegehumor but now judging from their previous video it looks like this is the end for Jake and Amir.  While both Collegehumor and the two comedians have not officially commented on whether or not the show is over, the fact that the last few episodes focused on an emotional yet witty road trip makes it seem like the web series is wrapping up. Also since last December, TBS and Collegehumor  signed an agreement to do a pilot of their web series for television. If the pilot succeeds than this week’s  episode will the last one online for Collegehumor to show.   Click here to view that episode. *All videos contain strong language*

The Webby award winning web series follows fictionalized versions  two comedians. There is Jake Hurwitz a down to earth worker who in the early episodes usually  only acts weird when wearing clothes he concerned styling.  As the years went on this cocky attitude to hide his insecurities appeared more and more. Below is an example for that insecurity.

On the other side of the desk was Amir Valerie Blumenfeld a zany co worker whose obsession with Jake is as strong  if not stronger as he love for Chicken Mcnuggets. He is always creating chaos through ridiculous schemes and spending a bad amount of money on items that have nothing to do with work. He also has written random and controversial material either on through texting or through the web that Jake calls him out on. One such example is below.

Together the duo have had some wild adventures from Amir filming Jake for his show Ace and Jocelyn to their love triangle with Lerona to Jake going to Miami in search of his longtime crush with Amir trying to find him. They have also been regular guests on the show such Amir’s nemesis Doobs (played by Thomas Middleditch who had a minor role in the Wolf of Wall Street), Amir’s oldest friend Cheryl (played by Girls’ Allison Williams) and Ben Schwartz from House of Lies who plays an unnamed man with multiple jobs  that torments Jake. Below is an example of of the mannerisms of both Schwartz’s character and Doobs.

As a final thank you for a hilarious web series that made this writer laughs for seven years, here is yours truly favourite Jake and Amir episode. It’s funny because it shows how far Amir will go for something so small.

Comment below to discuss the topic or if you want to say what was your favourite Jake and Amir moment was.

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