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Is the Video Game, Fortnite, Becoming a Relationship Wrecker in the US?

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It’s a normal routine to find yourself obsessed with a video game. With the current increase in digital games and the advancement in tech support, the multiplayer option for playing video games is now becoming more popular with gamers around the world. Some people find themselves rooted at a particular spot throughout the day engaging in a video game and a conversation simultaneously with gamers miles away. However, reports suggest that getting addicted to this trend is causing hiccups in communication among couples. And one of the games responsible for this is Fortnite.

Fortnite is a video game composed by Rom Di Prisco. It has an amazing battle royale that connects gamers and enlists them in missions similar to a war zone. Over a hundred players can engage in this sport and it is becoming more noticeable that couples are having a longer time in the digital battleground than in a relationship.

The research above highlighted that, in 2021, over 5% of divorce cases had Fortnite mentioned as one of the reasons responsible. Statistics also place Fortnite as the most played video game in the region.

The UK Service divorce online produced a report on how the online video game is coming up more often as a cause for divorce in recent filings. Apparently, since the start of the year, over two hundred divorce petitions have been accredited to the couple being too obsessed with the game to notice or have decent communication with their partners.

According to the report, over five per cent of 4,665 petitions is accredited to couples who have filed for divorce on account of their partner’s obsession with video games.  This report appears to be genuine considering that the UK service divorce online has gained the trust and commitment of consistent readership from its audience in the United Kingdom. This recent happening is a symbol of the digital age and the new breed of conflict that it induces amongst the 21st century Generation.

The report calls the level of conflict “the digital revolution.” Internet vices including social media and pornography are consuming a lot of people’s time and attention and prevent them from paying attention to reality. This addiction affects not only couples but also strains the relationship between family members and friends.

Consequently, the World Health Organization has alerted humans on the effect of video games and how it compromises mental health when one displays tendencies of virtual addiction. Fortnite continues to dominate the virtual world as every day it recruits more audiences from all age ranges. It is a growing concern among parents and guardians.

Source: YouTube. “Fornite Causing Divorce?!”
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