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Is The Dragon From Shrek Bisexual?

Photo by Tim Samuel from Pexels

According to this Twitter user, Donkey’s partner Dragon, may just be a bisexual icon.

@crocfanpage on Twitter highlighted something that the average viewer of the smash hit Oscar-worthy 2001 film Shrek may have missed and we are living for it.

Let me give some context to this.

When Dragon and Donkey begin to flirt in the castle, the lighting around Dragon resembles a film trope known as ‘Bisexual lighting‘. Basically, blue and purple shaded lights are used in combination to express bisexuality. This is common in nightclubs as well as films. It is one of those subtle ways creatives express something without explicitly saying it.

While Dragon has no lines (she is Dragon after all they can’t really speak) her personality is built out by the characters and the world are her. This colour scheme used for her could be the film creators way of saying, “hey look at this bisexual dragon and her donkey partner”.

@crocfanpage’s tweet is tongue and cheek obviously. However, the tweet ruffled a few feathers with conservatives. For some reason, they did not like the idea that this person would imply that a cartoon dragon who gives birth to have donkey half-dragon babies is bisexual. Pick your battles I guess?

Another famous example of this lighting came from Janelle Monáe in her music video Make Me Feel. The video features the lighting style heavily as a nod to Monáe’s own sexual identity. The music video and Monáe have become a staple in bisexual culture. It encourages freedom of expression and tells viewers to be themselves.

Anyway, so that is why I think Dragon from Shrek is bisexual and you know what, good her her.

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