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 As the Corona Virus pandemic continues to slow and steadily gain ground in Nigeria, there is fear and panic as what will become of the Nigerian masses.

Nigeria has 51 cases of the virus as of today and one recorded death. Nigeria is lacking in basic amenities especially in its health sector. Over the years it’s citizens have pleaded with the government and leaders to fix the health care sector. Doctors are underpaid, even with the little pay salaries are still never paid on time, this has lead to many trained doctors leaving Nigeria to practice in countries like the UK and other parts of Europe.

Nigerian leaders and the elites are known for seeking health care abroad because they can afford it, leaving the poor masses in the worst conditions to suffer. Presently the whole world is suffering from the Coronavirus and borders have been closed. Countries are utilizing their Doctor and nurses now more than ever. The Nigerian government, as well as the masses, will have to rely on the health sector, highly neglected. In today’s podcast we have gone out to seek the opinion of a Nigerian man, who gives us an insight of what the situation might look like should the country witness a massive outbreak of the virus. Can the weak health system withstand a large outbreak

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