Is in Italy the longest trekking in the world

Mountain (Photo by Elena Buzzo)

Sentiero Italia is the longest trekking in the world. Three young Italians decided to walk it all from Trieste starting in spring 2019, the National Year of slow tourism, or that attitude to discover places far from mass tourism and consumption, moving on foot to discover and live places and traditions.

In Italy the paths that allow this kind of experience are many, but there’s one almost unknown, that deserves to be rediscovered. It is the Sentiero Italia and it is the longest trekking in the world: more than 6 thousand kilometers, along the whole Alpine arc, the Apennines, up to Calabria, then begins again along the Sicilian Apennines and finally the Sardinian one.

Designed by the Association Sentiero Italia with the intent to enhance the mountain landscape and its communities, it was built between 1983 and 1995 thanks to the extraordinary work of hundreds of volunteers of the Italian Alpine Club and in particular the activity of three climbers, Giancarlo Corbellini, Teresio Valsesia and Riccardo Carnovalini.

“The idea of Sentiero Italia was born 35 years ago in Tuscany, in Castelnuovo Garfagnana. In 1983, during a conference on the occasion of the inauguration of the Great Crossing of the Apennines, we found ourselves talking about a dream: connecting our mountains, the Apennines and the Alps, in a long path. Years later, the right interlocutor arrived to carry on this ambitious project, the Italian Alpine Club” — they said.

To support and follow the project you can follow their social media’s pages and also join the community group on Facebook that I personally created and I still manage everyday, revising content and allowing new members, to have an always more stimulating debate around mountain hiking and “slow tourism”.

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