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Is film school a waste of money and Time?

The question of whether attending film school is worthwhile or just a waste of time and money is one that is always being discussed. The argument may be made that you could make a movie with the money you would have spent on a course that would have cost you more than $30,000 in tuition and the film would aid your entry into the industry. 

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Those in favor of film school contend that attempting to produce your own feature picture without having any formal instruction in how it is done professionally has proven to be the largest financial blunder. It’s said this method has resulted in the production of unwatchable, confusing movies. They never receive a distribution for their movies, and they never get their money back. Even worse, because they didn’t know what they were doing incorrectly, they never figured out how to improve it the next time. Additionally, they waste a great deal of time and money performing tasks poorly and never discover more efficient and successful methods.

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Those that are opposed to the idea of attending film school say that Filmmaking is one academic field in which online learning has completely replaced in-person participation. Using online tools, you can learn everything you need to know about filmmaking at no cost. From screenwriting through editing, sound design, and cinematography. YouTube, has tons of videos that demonstrate how to. Numerous videos could be found online to help you. If you put in the time to practice, study and find interesting stories to convey, you will learn more from making a great feature film than you will from going to school. 

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Dekel Berenson an award-winning writer, director, and member of the Academy of Motion picture art and science discusses why one should or should not go to film school in an interview that can be found here. 

During his commencement speech at Tuskegee university American Actor, producer, and Director Tyler perry says that despite his success he never went to college, the billionaire, however, reveals how much not going to college would cost him in this embedded video.

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