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Is Dating Acceptable in Covid-19?

Photo credit - amrothman, Pixabay.

In a time where nothing is certain and we cannot be guaranteed of how much longer we’ll spend in hide away, should dating be forbidden?

There is no two ways about it, Corona Virus has robbed almost everyone of some kind of luxury, freedom, opportunity or plan. Bringing life to a stand-still and halting progression in so many areas of life, making most people feel hard down by to some capacity. According to The Irish Times, the first case of Corona Virus appeared in Ireland on the 29th of February 2020. Over a year later and Ireland is now in its third level 5 lock down, with Citizens Information saying that the the earliest ease of restrictions could potentially be on the 5th of April.

After the 5th of April, nothing is certain. We have no timelines and there remains to be no end in sight. The HSE previously said that they had hoped the country would be vaccinated by September but no concrete promises have been made. With everything considered, you have to wonder, is it fair to expect Irish singletons to pause their search for love, for the entireity of this pandemic? Speaking generally, most people meet others through dating apps, however given the current climate, socialising with complete strangers should be the last thing on our list of priorities. Considering the amount of time we have already been in this pandemic and the uncertainty of the amount of time left, you have to wonder, is it realistic to expect people not to date?

Photo credit to JUNO KWON, also know as juno1412, Pixabay.

In essence, love is arguably one of the most important primary human needs. It is what most people long for and dream of. Without it, society would cease to adequately function. So, for those who are single, is it fair to expect them to stop dating during the entirety of Corona Virus? Is it fair to expect them to delete all of the dating apps and to refuse to meet new people for the full potentially 2 years that this will go on for?

According to, romantic relationships improve our mental and physical health. The HSE has told us that Corona Virus can result in an increase in anxiety and stress. With everything considered, dating could almost be considered a necessity now more than ever.

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