Irish Students and Sex: Whats the Craic?

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Nothing quite catches the interest of a college student more than the topic of sex. We all have it, we all want it, and at times it’s all some of us can talk about. But just how much sex do we have?

I’ve always found it very interesting, not just sex itself, but the constant flow of discussion in which college students pride themselves on. I don’t think I’ve gone a single day through college without talking about something of a sexual nature. Whether it be “oh jays your ones mad fit” or hearing some horror story from the night before, it’s always there.

So I took upon myself to ask students just how much sex they’ve had since coming to college, and with that how many of them have been a one night stand. The questions on my survey were fairly straightforward.

  1.  What is your gender?
  2. What is your age?
  3. Where do you attend college?
  4. What year are you in?
  5.  How many sexual partners have you had since coming to college?
  6. Of these how many have been one night stands?

The line of questioning went out to 43 students from different universities in Ireland, the majority of which belonged to either Dublin or Galway institutions. There were 24 males asked and 19 females, all of  varying ages, most falling between 18-22, with a select few being 23 or older.


One Stands: Girls v Boys
One Night Stands: Girls v Boys

Unsurprisingly the number of one night stands is significantly lower for girls than it was for boys, with a majority of Girls only experiencing 1 to 3 during their time in college.  The lads, however, are flying the sex flag high with half of them having experienced 8 or more.

The number of one night stands correlates with the common opinion that college lads are more promiscuous than their female counterparts. Does this align with the sheer amount of partners each gender has? Or is this just a sign that lads enjoy a one-night affair to multiple meetings?

Average Amount of Partners
Average Amount of Partners

Judging by the results I gathered from my survey, it seems that it’s more of the same.  Male students, according to this study, have more sex in general. The actual results being that the average number of partners a male has had is 14.75 while females are 9.3.

The more interesting part is that students between the ages of 18-21 have actually had more partners than those aged 22 and over. What does this signify? Are students now having more sex than those who came  a few years before? Well if these results are anything to go by the answer is yes.

This study had a fairly small sample size so take it with a grain of salt, but the results I found were fairly concurrent with what I had already believed as true.  The truth being that not only do Irish students talk about sex often, they also seemingly have it just as much. Kudos.

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