Are you an Irish Startup looking for investment? Then these might be for you

Inside the IAG offices. - Photo: Hangar 51.
Inside the IAG offices. - Photo: Hangar 51.
From funding to hackathons, take a look at how your aviation startup and flourish in the coming months. - Photo:
From funding to hackathons, take a look at how your aviation startup and flourish in the coming months. – Photo:

If you are a startup with plans to launch, you might be thinking there is a long way to getting investment and unsure about accelerators that everyone piles into.  But what about being an Irish startup in 2016 and looking forward into what 2017 could bring if you launch before then

Recently there has been some great projects and spaces where startups are thriving in Dublin, but not many might not know about or not suited your target market. From shared desk and office space Dogpatch Labs, to a more individual based Sobo District, there a many startup spaces in Dublin.

As the end of the year approaches, two new startup campaigns have been launched by both IAG (Aer Lingus, British Airways, Vueling) and ESB in order to generate submissions from startups with potential.

Hangar 51


So let us start with IAG, the aviation company  have just launched an accelerator called Hangar 51 to aid start-ups in the market of aviation, business, and technology who are interested in “collaborating” with the company.

What Do I Need?

First off, you need a product idea that will benefit the aviation sector in some way.  It is an accelerator, so a base for project is key and IAG hope to take your ideas forward during the programme with advice from mentors such as Alex Cruz, CEO and Chairman of British Airways, Robert Boyle, IAG Director of Strategy, and Stephen Scott, IAG Head of Global Innovation.

What Areas Are Covered?

There are four categories in the programme, they are:

Improving Airports – Technologies that can help IAG make the airport experience easier, faster and more enjoyable.

Distinguishing Business Processes – Large businesses like IAG have thousands of processes that need to be optimised. Looking for solutions that can transform internal processes and drive operational efficiency and productivity,

Data Driven Decisions – IAG are looking for solutions that can help improve their use of existing data and supplement this with new information to increase customer satisfaction.

Wildcard – For technologists and entrepreneurs who are transforming customers’ lives to identify how their innovations could apply to the airline industry.

What Is The Process?

The programme has 4 stages:

  1. Apply
  2. Pitch
  3. Programme
  4. Demo

Anything Else?

You need to be 18 years or over to enter, also be have a visa for travelling to the UK as the startup accelerator is based at IAG Head Offices in Heathrow, London. Get your idea in by 6 November 2016.

ESB Big Energy Hack 2016

ESB has launched Ireland’s first ever energy hackathon, The Big Energy Hack – is aimed at bringing people together over two days to develop ideas to combat emissions and find solutions for low carbon future plans.

Where is it?

The Big Energy Hack will take place from 21-23 October 2016, in Dogpatch Labs, Custom House Quay, Dublin 1. Dogpatch is a cool new space where startups rent office space and can hold meetings or meetups such as this hackathon.  CoderDojo, Web Summit, and many more have offices there. So you will be in good company.

Who Should Apply + How Much Is It?

People with great ideas. Entrepreneurs, IT and technology specialists, engineers, marketers, designers, and more are invited to apply.  You can register here for €20 and you will be refunded the amount at the event.

What Is The Prize?

There are a range of prizes for each challenge, First place wins €5000, second is €3000, and third is €2000.  Those other concepts may also have the opportunity to bring their idea to the next level at ESB’s Innovation Hub, X_Site.

Anything Else?

You will also have access to Raspberry Pi’s, Intel boards, 3D printers, CNC machine, visual harvesting, mentoring and workshops. Whether you are a spectator or getting hands on experience, the event caters for both types with an interest in energy related startups.

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