7 Irish Snapchatters you absolutely need to follow NOW

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Let’s face it.

If you’re not following these influencers on snapchat by now, where have you BEEN?

Grab a coffee and take a look at these 7 legends that flood my snapchat feed every 5 minutes!

#1 James Kavanagh – @jamesksnaps

Follow one of the ‘gassest bitches’ around here… you will not stop laughing!

#2 James Patrice – @JamesPatrice

Providing hours of hilarious stories, often featuring Fron (James’ Mum) his snapchat is an absolute GEM.

#3 Doireann Garrihy – @dg19592

The sister of Aoibhinn Garrihy and Spin 1038 radio presenter extraordinaire Doireann has exploded onto the entertainment scene with her   VERY ACCURATE impressions of well known snapchatters.

Guaranteed laughs! Take a look at her video that went VIRAL back in November…

#4 Pippa O’Connor Ormond – @Pippa.oconnor

If you aren’t following the Queen of all things style, fashion, make up and everything in between, are you even a true snapchatter?!

#5 The Happy Pear – @thehappypear

This pair of twin brothers do exactly what they say on the tin – they are always happy and they have a huge passion for all things vegan… their fascinating approach to nutrition and general well-being is really inspirational.

#6 Suzanne Jackson – @sosueme_ie

A.K.A So Sue Me, this is a woman who knows how to build a business into a successful reality. Check out her own website and social media pages here and here , make up range and clothing line. She fills us all in on her daily adventures on snapchat.

This lady is the definition of a hard grafter!

7 FacesByGrace – @facesbygrace23

Not only is this lady an MUA and avid snapchatter here, she is also a new Mum to baby Sienna.

Follow her here for daily giggles and great beauty tips.



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