Irish girls’ legs on St. Patricks Day in Dublin – Fake Tan definitely a no go during daytime!

Irish girls like to show off their legs – that’s nothing new. Yet, it seems like they need a confidence boost and that’s when they grab to a bottle of fake tan. Just before they have the next bottle in their hand, which contains alcohol. St. Patricks Day, especially for teenagers, has turned to a day of drinking. It feels like a club night out for them has been rescheduled and now takes place during the day. The majority of Irish girls would never go on a night out without being covered in “beauty” products that give them a, let’s just say, different skin tone. The daylight reveals the flaws.

It is not attractive! It can’t be if there is a website designed to make fun of it: It is the overall look that either attracts a man or not. It doesn’t look natural, mostly it turns into orange and on top of that this orange often is not evenly applied.

White skin can be so pretty, why cover it! Go with the natural look and you’ll see that the attention you get will be the same. Guys just like the fact that your legs are naked. Isn’t that right?