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Irish Beaches! Too cold for French to walk on both feet!

French Man at an Irish Beach - Photo Credit : Shovy Zibran (
French Man at an Irish Beach – Photo Credit : Shovy Zibran

Ireland, A country where you can get a taste of all four seasons in 24 hours. A country against the contrary beliefs doesn’t have a pot of gold lying around under the rainbow, A country where the French have systematically invaded with their “Exchange Students” program. Any town or a city with a 3rd level education Institute you’d spot a few coffee drinking, scarves wearing French students. They’ve even manage to implant themselves in Athlone, A town so inland of an Island Nation that the locals are even afraid to step foot in broad day light.

One of these French Invade Students was noticed pondering around on a very secluded beach in the south of county Waterford on the 20th of April where usually the locals will organize water-based activities and competitions during summer which will be the perfect time to enjoy since the water will be at the right temperature. He was obviously accompanied by 2 of his Dublin “homies”. One of the Dubs even claimed he was originally from the county but he also seemed like he was clearly from somewhere in the Indian Sub-continent. French student who politely asked us to keep his name out of this article mentioned how cold his feet were at a beach where you accumulate all the sand with your two hands, even though it was 18*. The French student who’s native of one of those French city’s that are just purely made up of random letters put together like Nice even though it’s not pronounced “nice” continued on to say how he had to put only one foot at a time otherwise he was worried that he might get hypothermia.

The out of town lads then went on to carry on with their 20th April festivities and enjoyed an all in all good day at the beach.

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