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Ireland’s Visa Requirements Affect the Lives of Pregnant Immigrant Women

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On January 27th 2021 legislation which imposed new visa requirements for a number of South American countries and South Africa was signed by the Minister for Justice, Helen McEntee.

Passport holders from these countries are now obliged to seek visa permission prior to landing in Ireland and their travel purposes must be essential and in line with the Department of Justice website.

These requirements were created in an attempt to control the spread of the Corona virus and its variants found in South Africa and South America Countries.

While these measures seem appropriate in the scenario of a pandemic, some people claim that the essential travel category concerning those in need of family support should be reviewed.

This situation is affecting both Hellen Forte and Raquel Nolan who had their mother’s tourism visa applications denied, as compassionate visits from family members are not seen as essential requirements.

Raquel is married and has lived in the country for about seven years, she gave birth to her second daughter, Eva on the 22nd of April and was heartbroken because it would be impossible for her mother to visit and provide support in the early months following her daughter’s birth.

Hellen is living in Ireland for five years with her husband and their two-year-old daughter Alice, she is expecting to have her second baby in the next week. And she said that she had to attend her doctor’s appointments by herself, as her partner was not allowed inside the clinic during her exams.

Partners are not allowed to come with the wife, except for the big scan, the 21 weeks scan, so all the appointments I have been there alone, my husband is not allowed to come with me, he is always in the car waiting for me to finish the appointment.

Hellen Forte

Click on the video below and watch the full interview with Hellen and Raquel.

For more information about the visa restrictions click here.

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