Ireland’s Singles Top 20-Chart Contains No Irish Artists

Photo Credit: HayeurJF
Photo Credit: HayeurJF

On Irelands Top 20 Single-chart you can’t find any bands or artist that origins from the country it self. Artists from London and Toronto, Canada, are the most popular. 

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By making a map with all the artists on Irelands Top 20 chart I found that the only irish person on the list is Niall James Horan, a member of One Direction. But still, the band comes from London, UK.

In the map you can see where in the world the most popular artists amongst Irish people come from. Also by clicking on a yellow note an artists name shows up and you will find information and a music video.

Click on this photo to enter the interactive map:


When looking at the overall photo we can see that most of the artists comes from Canada and London. There is also one from Sweden and a few from USA.


Toronto seems to be a great place for creativity since four world famous artists, Justin Bieber, Drake, The Weeknd and Shawn Mendes are all from there.

London - bruk

English music is definitely a favourite amongst Irish people. Seven of the twenty artists/bands on the list comes from England, and six of them from around London; Naughty Boy, Sigala, Adele, Fleur East, Rudimental & Ed Sheeran and One Direction.
Hereford, also in UK, is the home town of  the world known artist Ellie Goulding.

Do you have a theory of what may be the reason why none of the artists on Ireland’s Top 20 list is from Ireland?  Then please leave a comment below. 

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