Ireland’s Newest Music Festival

So there are very interesting times ahead for festival goers here in Ireland. In the past few days a new and fresh festival has been announced named Longitude (not to be mixed up with Latitude, which takes place in England). The festival falls on the 19th to the 21st of July, which is the same weekend that our most famous festival Oxegen would usually have fallen on until its recent change of vision. The line-up strikes a lot of questions. Is this another Electric Picnic? Is this a full-time replacement for Oxegen? Is this really the strongest line-up they could have achieved?

Firstly, It would strike me as quite simply a lesser known version Electric Picnic. The caption used with the name is “It’s more than just a music festival”. Anyone who has had the pleasure of attending and experiencing “Leccy Piccy” will know that without even having to say it, it is more than just a music festival. So why then do we have Longitude? Reports say Electric Picnic has been losing money over the last few years but then again who hasn’t. The line-up for the 2012 festival was the best Ireland has seen in its nine year tenure as Ireland’s second festival.

Judging by the switch made by the organisers of Oxegen, to have the festival on for two days on the August bank holiday,  it seem it will slowly fade away into the darkness of Irish music festival folklore. This is also quite depending on the line-up which will be announced in the next month one can presume. Is Longitude a replacement? Not in my opinion. It feels like more of a trial run where there may be a few different types of festivals tried out in Oxegen’s place over the next few years.

Basing my opinion on the line-up, Longitude has gone down the indie-rock side of the musical highway. This would seem understandable as most of the new music coming out of Ireland nowadays is this inde-rock, festival rocking, crowd pleasing, guitar and synth music. Some examples of this from the line-up itself would be Kodaline and Cast of Cheers.


With T In The Park taking place in Scotland on the same weekend and with acts playing it such as The Killers, Mumford and Sons and Rihanna, you would question why they haven’t opted to at least bring one or two of these acts across the water just like in past years with Oxegen. The headliners of Longitude quite simply dont cut it. Out from Vampire Weekend who have really proved themselves over the past few years, no other headline act seems totally attractive.

This festival has a lot to live up to based on its slot in the summer and what it says it will be. We shall judge come the 22nd of July whether or not it was worth it and we shall also assess where the Irish festival scene is come the end of the summer. Here’s hoping we find a solid patch to move forward and recreate the name we once had for great music festivals. Will it pay off ? Have your say down below.


Pictures from Kodaline (facebook)

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