Irelands Hidden Caves

On the Western shoulder of Keshcorran Mountain in County Sligo lies some of Irelands must visually striking caves. Here lies 16 caves , majority of which you can enter to unveil the hidden secrets of the Ice Age and our ancestors. 

Archaeological investigations have discovered bones from animals that roamed Ireland towards the end of the Ice Age – all dating back to more than c.12,000 years ago. 

Human remains have also been discovered and were found to date back as far as the early Iron Age. It has been considered that due to their nature of deposition, they are likely to have represented some for of ritual or religious practice. 

Inside the Caves
Credit – Erin Tonra

The walk itself is a beautiful experience and takes 20 minutes to reach the summit with moderate ease. The Caves Of Keash are permeated with myth, legend and folklore and promise to make for a great day out discovering what Sligo has to offer. 

Credit – Erin Tonra
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