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Ireland is in the Details

Man and Dog sitting outsite Wall & Keogh

What comes to your mind when you think of Ireland? St Patrick’s Day, the country’s biggest national holiday, is coming in a few days and it makes the whole world wonder what it means to live here. Everywhere in the city, it will be possible to witness tourists dressed like Leprechauns and wearing ginger wigs to mockingly mimic the idea people tend to have of Irish people. However, Ireland is much more than a bunch of stereotypes gather together.

Ireland is in the details in every corner – on the centuries of history behind every building, on the specific tone of green you can only get in a country that rains this much, on its thorough ritual to make a cup of tea.

Ireland is behind the orange timetables on the bus stops and on the relationship Irish people grow with the sea around them. It is the smiley faces whenever the sun comes and the endless happiness during summer time. Ireland is about people sharing an understanding smile with a stranger on rainy days and small talks about that.

Ireland is about artists that come from all over the world to try a chance in its artistic capital. It is in everyone that stops to appreciate people living for a dream and giving all they have to achieve that. It is the country that represents home for so many people away from their home. It represents hope to whoever is looking for a new path.

Ireland is in the details and to sum its magnificent beauty in just funny costumes would not be fair.

What is Ireland to you?


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