Introducing Formula Sheane – everything you need to know

Formula Sheane car at Mondello Park – Photo Credit: ‘brianwalshphotos’

The History of Formula Sheane:

Formula Sheane (pronounced ‘Shane’) was created by David Sheane, who has built, maintained and repaired hundreds of cars in his career and founded Formula Vee in Ireland under his own interpretation of the car. The racing series was created in 2001 and has continued to be successful to the present day.

How to get involved:

Like any racing series in Ireland, the best place to start is to go to one of the many race events that are held throughout the year. You can check out the Formula Sheane website for the full racing calendar. You will find many racers in the paddock, who race in Formula Sheane, go to them and introduce yourself – as with most racers in Ireland, they will be willing to give you some advice.

The Racing Calendar:

All Formula Sheane races take place at double header events, meaning there is two races per weekend. That’s a total of 10-12 races per year, with 5-6 racing weekends. The majority of Formula Sheane races take place at Mondello Park, with the possibility of a race event abroad, such as at Anglesey in Wales.


One of the most attractive factors of this racing series is that it is mechanically unbiased. Formula Sheane cars are set up to be identical, meaning winning races is purely down to a driver’s ability and talent. All Formula Sheane engines and gearboxes are only allowed to be revised at Sheane Cars Ltd.

Formula Sheane racing driver Brian Hearty, has won the most races at Mondello Park in its 49-year history, with this in mind, clearly, the Formula Sheane grid is met with highly talented drivers.  Many of Formula Sheane’s racing drivers in the past were once Formula Vee racing drivers (as was Brian Hearty), making the series a promising stepping stone for aspiring racing drivers.

Formula Sheane Avon Tyres Championship Results – Source: Formula Sheane Facebook Page

The Car:

  • Engine: 1800 cc Rover ‘K’ Series
  • Gearbox: Audi 5-speed
  • Chassis: Spaceframe (tubular design)
  • Top Speed: ~ 150MPH / 240KMPH
  • 0 – 60 (MPH) Time: under 4 seconds.
Formula Sheane Side View – credit:

Comparing Formula Sheane to Formula Vee:

Formula Sheane and Formula Vee are Ireland’s two most prominent single-seater racing series. Formula Sheane and Formula Vee both have factors which attract drivers to start driving in each series – this is of course dependent on a driver’s values and preferences. Here is a comparison between the two classes.

Formula Sheane – strengths:

  • Cars are mechanically unbiased
  • Overall competition is more challenging
  • Cars are quicker and more powerful than Vees

Formula Vee – strengths:

  • Cars are inexpensive to maintain
  • Overall competition is more widespread
  • A great series for beginners

Lap Time Comparisons:

Dan Polley – Mondello National – Lap Times (Formula Vee)
Brian Hearty – Mondello National – Lap Times (Formula Sheane)

Here is a side by side comparison of Formula Sheane and Formula Vee:

Sheane and Vee comparison from John Ross Delahunt on Vimeo.

Check out this video below for more information on the racing series:

Sheane Cars – The People Who Put Sport into Motorsport

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