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Into the Grain – Part 2 – Social Environment

This entry was created by Jamie Hayes. Jamie is an amateur photographer, currently studying his masters at UCD Smurfit College. Jamie shot this collection on his Pentax P30, he also used Kodak Ektar 100 as well as Portra 400.

New York, 2017.

“I think there are a few reasons why I prefer shooting on film. When I first started getting into photography, I bought the cheapest DSLR camera I could find and just played around with it for a few months to learn the basics. I then started using Photoshop and Lightroom. After about a year I found my interest waning as I was spending more time adjusting camera settings and tweaking photographs in Photoshop and Lightroom”.

New York, 2017.

“Later on I took an elective module in college on photographic writing which completely changed my perspective on the subject. Some of the prescribed readings where essays by Susan Sontag and John Berger and these really opened my mind up to the power images have and their historical and cultural importance”.

Dublin, 2017.

“I wanted to focus my attention to capturing the moment in photographs and being present in that time. I feel analogue helps to make you feel present in the moment because the picture cannot be deleted instantly or see the results of the photo and try capture it a different way if you are not happy with the first outcome like you can with digital”.

Meath, 2017.

“I think it’s important to feel a connection with your own photographs and analogue allows this connection. I could take hundreds or even thousands of photos in a day on digital but with analogue I am limited to much fewer. I think this creates a better relationship with both your camera and your photographs”.

All photographs displayed were taken by Jamie Hayes.

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