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Interview with Simon Fourcade: Return on a career of a French Champion

Shooting of Simon Fourcade

32 podiums, 8 wins by teams, 5 medals in biathlon world championships including one in gold. The young retiree confides on his future career and projects. This week Simon Fourcade spoke to The Circular.

Why did you retire?

At the beginning of the season, I had goals. Unfortunately, I did not succeed. However, these were not high. As a consequence, I wanted to achieve them. Besides, it was not a bad season at all. I could continue if I wanted. During my career, I have known the high level. These last years have not been so good. I alternated between good and poor results. I never give up at all. I always give my best. But physical and daily constraints, especially with my family, made me take this decision. I make this one, at the end of the world championship this year. Furthermore, Stéphane Bouthiaux (one of a french coach) had asked me to train the young group (CME) created this year. But, due to a reorganization, I become the physical trainer of the junior team. 

How does becoming a coach appear as a logical choice? 

I started this sport at the age of six. I have lived in this sport since I was very young. I had already thought about this eventuality. I did not want to leave the biathlon world. I am passionate about it. I keep a foot in this area as a consequence I am trying to help the young generation. I want to relay my experience, to advise the new generation. Whether in the Nordic or more specifically in biathlon. For now, both sides are quite satisfied. I hope to continue like this.
Gold Medal get by the French team including Simon Fourcade

How does this change your life? 

First of all, it changes a lot of things with my family. I am much more present. Before, when I was an athlete, it required a lot of sacrifice throughout the year. It’s a very different rhythm. Now I leave between six to 10 days a month which is quite reasonable. I can do many more things with my family and especially my son. I have a lot of availability. For example, I have helped my brother, who organized his festival dedicated to biathlon (Martin Nordic Festival). When I was still an athlete, between the preparation and competitions that follow each other, we were not often at home. Now, I take time for myself: I travel, I visit. When you are an athlete, you do not have the opportunity to do this. It is a life of sacrifice.

What are your plans for the future?

Firstly, now I work with the French Biathlon Federation with a two-year contract. So according to the results obtained, both parties will advise. After that, I would like to specialize in training. I want to earn a diploma to become a physical trainer. It focuses on bodybuilding and physical preparation. After that, I will remain open to other disciplines. Why not bring my experience to other disciplines outside of winter sports, such as team sports.

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