During my interview with Olalekan about his experiences on Dublin Bus, he narrated the following experiences;

I think they are cheap and reliable mainly to students with their Leap Cards.

It is efficient in a way that you can connect to any part of Dublin especially, as a tourist.

Some of the drivers are nice and friendly. They have regards for the sick, old people and young children, while few of them are rude.

At times, some passengers find it difficult to pay their transport fare which sometimes, forces the driver to park the bus thereby resulting to delay of the bus.

However, the only issue with Dublin Bus is that, they are too slow. you can only use them when you have a lot of time, not when you are in a hurry to get to a far place.

Consequently, to avoid being trapped, you can come out on time- early enough to avoid any delay.

More buses should be added to those routes in short of buses and people should try to pay their transport fare as a way of supporting the government for a better Ireland.

All the same, we thank the government of Ireland for a digitalized Dublin Bus available to all residing in Dublin city.

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