Interview with Jordan Bone about road safety and positivity and her work with Fixers UK

Jordan Bone was paralysed at the age of 15, having been a passenger in a car accident. Now 23 years old, Jordan is inspiring many people with her positive attitude and her work toward promoting road safety. Recently, she has received a lot of media coverage through her work with Fixers UK, a non-profit organisation that works with promoting issues that impact young people’s lives.

I first met Jordan in September 2009, at an autograph signing for Lady Gaga. For the past 4 years, I have seen her promote a positive attitude and not let anything stop her – she currently runs a vintage clothing website, has promoted numerous charities and has also taken part in some modelling. I sat down for a Skype chat with Jordan last week, and we spoke about numerous subjects, including her charity work, how her accident impacted her life and the positive message she wants to promote. Have a listen to the audio from our chat, and also make sure to check out the video from Jordan’s campaign with Fixers UK.

Jordan tells the story of the car accident that led to her becoming paralysed at the age of 15:

Jordan explains her campaign for road safety with Fixers UK and how there are always risks in young people’s lives and why they need to be careful:

Jordan talks about the physiotherapy she has recently been taking part in. She has been using the exoskeleton in order to prepare herself for the day a cure is discovered for her condition. She also talks about the type of paralysis she has, tetraplegia, which is different from the most common form of paralysis, paraplegia:

Vintage Bones is Jordan’s online vintage clothing store. She chooses all the clothes herself, and has created the site to combine her passion for fashion and helping the environment. Listen to her talking about it:

Jordan has also worked with Spinal Research UK in the past, and explains how she has gotten involved and why they are a great charity to help out. She also told me about some of her hobbies, including meditation and how it has helped her create and maintain her positive attitude:

Jordan wants to spread a positive message to people, and show them that in the long run, everything can and will work out. She wants to make a difference, and she explains how she hopes her work and attitude makes a difference:

Thank you to Jordan for taking part in the interview. Make sure to visit her store, Vintage Bones and to check out her campaign with Fixers UK.

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  1. what a great interview! Jordan is an inspiration to us all! and I will definitely be checking out her vintage shop!

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